02 Apr. written by SeaMAID

A good start to the season with the 2016 SeaMAID catalogue!

The 2016 SeaMAID catalogue is now officially available! For those of you who have not been able to download it yet, now is the time.


Designed as a practical and technical guide, this catalogue is a tool aimed at professionals looking for projectors that are easy to use and install.


There are lots of novelties on the agenda for this new edition!

  • SeaMAID’s flat projector is now even thinner: It is now 2 cm thinner, with no “rounded” effect. The projector’s flat design is now more discrete in swimming pools, without having lost any of its features.
  • The SeaMAID lighting kit is now white: Now available in a white, 18 LED version, it offers another alternative for above-ground, hard-walled pools, fitted with at least one discharge nozzle (with a 1.5″ female thread). Also exists in colour.
  • Launch of SeaMAID’s AIO projector: Having been awarded the Innovation Prize at the 2014 Piscine Global fair, the AIO projector – a unique multifunction LED projector – is suitable for pool renovation as it can be fitted without crossing any walls.


The new catalogue also presents the brand’s flagship products, such as SeaMAID’s PAR56 lamp – which has replaced the traditional 300W incandescent lamp and SeaMAID’s special garden projectors.