01 Aug. written by SeaMAID
activite piscine

SeaMAID in L’Activité Piscine

In its latest edition, L’Activité Piscine published a special feature concerning point of sale lay-out in the pool industry – and more specifically POS advertising and sales assistance tools. SeaMAID was one of the listed brands, having recently created a display unit to enhance its projectors.

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29 Jul. written by SeaMAID

Special SeaMAID feature: Safety and installation guidelines for pool lighting

In July, SeaMAID spoke up in the magazine L’Activité Piscine to remind readers of the safety and installation guidelines for pool lighting.

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31 May. written by SeaMAID

SeaMAID’s above-ground lighting kit featured in Eurospapoolnew

Now available in a white lighting 18 LED version, SeaMAID’s above-ground lighting kit will no doubt be a must-have this summer! Our proof? Eurospapoolnews dedicated an entire article to it. Read it here.

19 Apr. written by SeaMAID

Eurospapoolnews and the Annuaire de la Piscine are talking about SeaMAID’s 2016 catalogue

When it came out, SeaMAID’s 2016 catalogue created a huge buzz. Specialised magazines such as Eurospapoolnews and the Annuaire de la Piscine took a particular interest in the company’s new products. Read their respective articles here and here.

02 Apr. written by SeaMAID

A good start to the season with the 2016 SeaMAID catalogue!

The 2016 SeaMAID catalogue is now officially available! For those of you who have not been able to download it yet, now is the time.


Designed as a practical and technical guide, this catalogue is a tool aimed at professionals looking for projectors that are easy to use and install.

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30 Oct. written by SeaMAID

Off we go for the trade shows…

In October, SeaMAID will be jetting off to new horizons.

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12 Feb. written by SeaMAID

A Top 100 Trophy for SeaMAID at the Piscine Global 2014 trade show

After winning the Innovation Trophy in 2012 for its Water Cooling System, success graces SeaMAID once again.   Continue reading

15 Dec. written by SeaMAID

Piscine Global 2014 trade show: SeaMAID was there!

SeaMAID was represented at the Piscine Global 2014 trade show again this year. And for this new show, the brand had many surprises in store for its visitors!

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10 Apr. written by SeaMAID

POOL LIGHTING Applicable regulations and standards

Nowadays, pool builders need to be versatile and proficient in a number of areas.
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