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Stainless steel projector

Harmonise your environment with the colours of your pool in just a click of your remote! The stainless steel projector is the best solution for lighting up your gardens, walls and ripraps.




  • Resistant: Like all SeaMAID products, the materials used are specially chosen to allow for an increased lifespan. Made from 316L stainless steel, it has an incredible resistance to corrosion and submersion. The projector can also be “plunged” into a fountain or ornamental pool.
  • Efficient: Whether it is used to light up tall trees or short bushes, its light is both harmonious and powerful.



It’s up to you to choose!: With its low-voltage ~12V, the stainless steel projector connects to the pool’s switch box or can be powered autonomously using the specific SeaMAID power supply box.