15 Dec. written by SeaMAID

Piscine Global 2014 trade show: SeaMAID was there!

SeaMAID was represented at the Piscine Global 2014 trade show again this year. And for this new show, the brand had many surprises in store for its visitors!


Live shows by Marie were among these surprises. Aerial and poetic, they are “genuinely timeless parentheses”, to quote the words of a SeaMAID distributor.


Not least of the surprises was: the reveal for the multi-purpose projector, Aio… which won the Top 100 Trophy! Stay connected to discover this new SeaMAID product. An article covering it will soon be issued.


Finally, the Piscine Global 2014 trade show was above all a great occasion to meet with people over 4 full-on days. Proof in pictures…