There are 3 types of immersed projectors fitted into the 4,000,000 pools all over France: incandescent lamps, halogen projectors and LEDs. Even though it is still fairly recent, LED technology is a fast-developing tool.

Less than 50 hours per year in France… This is the number of lighting hours for a private pool.

Observation: the pool is only lit up when used. Coincidence or need to cut down the electricity bill?

SOLUTION:Choose SeaMAID LED technology to save on consumption and installation efforts. 


Usage: During construction:
With a lifespan estimated at more than 15,000 hours and a low consumption rate (24W for the most powerful projectors), SeaMAID projectors consume less energy than normal lights. Proof lies in the following example: Thanks to a weaker cable section and a less powerful transformer, the reduced amount of material allows for largely reduced installation costs. The cable is also suppler, making the cutting and connections much easier.
Use during the summer in France, from mid-June to mid-September (about 270 hours)

Incandescent  Halogen  SeaMAID LED lighting
Consumption set at 0,3 KW (300W) 0,1 KW (100W) 0,018 Kw (18W* basic model, white 30LED)
Lifespan 1,500 hours 2,500 hours 10,000 hours
Cost of use  €11,11  €3,70  €0,660

*Price per kilowatt: based on EDF “blue” prices for 2014 – €0.1372

SeaMAID LED lighting Incandescent lamp
Consumption 5 to 24W 300W
Cable section 2×1,5 mm2 2x10mm2
Transformer 50W 300W
Cable type Soft and lightweight Rigid and heavy
Lifespan 10 000h to 15 000h 1 500h

etiquettesPursuant to the framework directive 2009/125/EC, pertaining to energy-related products, a new regulation (1194/2012) has been made applicable since September 2013 and sets out the following criteria:

  • minimum efficiency criteria, regarding lifespan and light quality,
  • compulsory markings both on the product and on packaging,
  • a new energy label,
  • European regulation 874/2012.

Pay attention when choosing your pool projector; the new label and compulsory marking will be a great help! Do not hesitate to check product certification by looking for the logos of renowned test laboratories such as LNE, CSTB, TUV, RHEINLAND, etc. or by requiring product conformity certificates.
With SeaMAID’s LED lighting, you no longer need to choose between “saving money” and enjoying your pool whenever you like!