Choice of colours, adjustable light intensity, temperature display, automatic start-up. AIO is so much more than a projector. It’s a complete range of innovative, scalable products designed for easy installation, particularly during pool renovations.

Did you know? AIO was awarded the Innovation Trophy at the 2014 Piscine Global trade show.

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On installation, the projector’s power cable passes through a guide located on top of the plate before connecting to the usual connection box. Affixed to the edge of the pool without lowering the water level, the projector is fitted onto the vertical part of the plate and held in place with a screw on the front face.

Expert tip: the projector must be connected to a two-coil insulated safety transformer that is at least 20% more powerful than the total absorbed power.

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2019 Catalogue

This practical, technical catalogue is a must-have for professionals looking for projectors that are easy to install and use.


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A simple, practical 5-minute tutorial.

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