Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting technology allows all your SEAMAID installations to be controlled remotely. Adjust the light intensity, program the switch-off or manage the colour of your projectors with a simple gesture.

Make your garden safer to move around by marking out paths and lighting up your pool’s surroundings. This smart product offers additional functionality when connected to the IZZYBOX module. Plus point: your exterior lighting coordinates with that of your pool.

Did you know? The bollard is mounted on a plate, and attaches to any rigid support. The light head can be replaced easily without taking the bollard down. It operates at very low ~12V voltage, and is easy and perfectly safe to install (no recess required).

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Ideas and recommendations

These garden bollards must be connected to a two-coil insulated safety transformer that is at least 20% more powerful than the total absorbed power.

For best results, use the SEAMAID power supply unit, as it is specially designed to supply power to LED projectors.

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2019 Catalogue

This practical, technical catalogue is a must-have for professionals looking for projectors that are easy to install and use.