Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting technology allows all your SEAMAID installations to be controlled remotely. Adjust the light intensity, program the switch-off or manage the colour of your projectors with a simple gesture.

Compatible with any type of pool, this is just what you need to light up pre-moulded or liner pools! A high-powered projector: one is all it takes to light up a 6x3m pool.

Screws into a vacuum fitting or wall fitting with a 1.5” thread.

Did you know? Originally sold with two white crowns (pre-moulded and liner version), but now available with light blue, sand, light grey, dark grey and matt metal crowns. Match them to the colour of the pool to delight your customers!

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These pool projectors must be connected to a two-coil insulated safety transformer that is at least 20% more powerful than the total power absorbed by the connected projectors. It is important to check the compatibility of the vacuum fitting before finalising installation. Certain models equipped with a stop thread are not suitable. The wall fitting will be connected to the connection box with watertight conduit. For best results, use connection accessories from SEAMAID to guarantee a completely waterproof installation.

Roll the extra cable up in the connection box to ensure that you will be able to replace the projector in the future out of the water.

As an optional extra, you may install either a radio switch between the projector (or group of projectors) and the ~12V transformer in order to control them remotely or synchronise multiple devices, or an IZZYBOX control switch.

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2020 Catalogue

This practical, technical catalogue is a must-have for professionals looking for projectors that are easy to install and use.


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