Did you know? Fitted with connectors for cable of up to 4 mm2, the radio control switch can be installed without any specific work on the projectors’ ~12V power supply.

1 channel model with 2-button remote control: Ideal for managing up to 6 fully synchronized SEAMAID projectors. Simple on/off mechanism for white lighting or for managing colours for RGB. Only operates at low voltage; ~12V with projectors from the SEAMAID range. Wiring up to 2 x 4 mm².

4-channel model with 8-button remote control: Ideal for managing up to 12 SEAMAID projectors with 4 lighting areas that are either independent or can be synchronised, where every channel can support up to 6 projectors. Only functions with SEAMAID projectors. Wiring up to 2 x 4 mm².

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The SEAMAID remote control switch can only be powered at low voltage ~12 V. Never connect it to a different power supply.

When using for the first time, it is necessary to pair the remote control provided with each unit.

Specially designed to only work with projectors from the SEAMAID range, the remote control switches are not compatible with equipment from other brands.

If you have problems establishing a radio connection, add an optional external antenna, ref: 501412

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