Rechargeable lighting

Explore the freedom of portable lighting with our rechargeable projectors!

Whether it’s on campsites, on hikes, in your swimming pool or just as an extra light in your garden, SEAMAID rechargeable LED lights can meet all your lighting needs.

Compact and light enough to carry around with ease, our projectors provide powerful white or coloured lighting.

Thanks to their battery, which can be charged via USB from various power sources such as laptops, external batteries or even SEAMAID portable solar panels, you can enjoy this reliable light source anytime and anywhere.

  • NO(T)MAD, wireless, waterproof LED projector
    NO(T)MAD, wireless, waterproof LED projector

    NO(T)MAD the wireless LED spotlight for outdoors, indoors and even in the pool. 100% waterproof, mobile!

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