Above-ground pool lighting

Above ground pools are a convenient and affordable option for people who want all the fun of swimming at home without the stress or the costs that come with building an in-ground pool. They are also the perfect alternative when building an in-ground pool isn't possible.  Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials to suit the needs and preferences of every homeowner, these above ground swimming pools are rarely fitted with a lighting system. 

SEAMAID lights up above ground swimming pools made of wood or metal, as well as free-standing pools. Our LED lighting solutions are easy to install as they don't require specific work! Our energy-efficient lighting adds a touch of elegance and style to any pool! 

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    Wired projectors

    Ready to install, this LED projector for above ground pools fits easily onto the outlet fitting of your wooden or metal swimming pool, with no need to drill through the pool wall or use special tools

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    Rechargeable lighting

    You can go anywhere with the SEAMAID portable rechargeable LED lamp. 100% waterproof and wireless, it can easily be charged via USB so that it’s ready to light you up anywhere

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    Optimise your swimming experience with our range of accessories: Easily manage your LED pool lighting and quickly install your projector

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