In-ground pool lighting

In-ground pools are a popular choice for homeowners looking to add a fun and relaxing outdoor space to their property. Whether they’re rectangular, oval or personalised with special features, in-ground pools greatly benefit from innovative technology, especially in terms of lighting. LED pool lights have revolutionised the experience of night-time swimming, creating an enchanting ambience and a safe environment at all times. 

Explore the SEAMAID lighting range and choose from our LED in-ground pool lighting options for an energy-efficient and high-quality solution for lighting up your pool!

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    Pool lamps

    Universal in size, SEAMAID pool lamps fit into all existing projectors A practical and effective solution for upgrading your pool lighting

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    Linear projectors

    SEAMAID linear projectors are installed in a vacuum fitting or wall fitting at the construction stage, offering a brand-new way of lighting up your pool!

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    Tubular projectors

    Choose a discreet lighting option for your pool with SEAMAID tubular LED projectors! Easy and quick to install during the construction of your pool

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    Flat projectors

    SEAMAID flat LED projectors are compatible with any type of pool in which installing a conventional projector could cause leakage problems

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    Mini projectors

    SEAMAID mini LED projectors are fitted at the construction stage. They are an ideal lighting solution for small pools or for lighting up specific areas of your swimming pool

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    Control Switches

    Control your pool and garden lighting without having to change your electrical installation! Manage your lighting via the mobile app or with wireless controllers

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    Designed to be easy to use, SEAMAID accessories allow you to seamlessly manage your lighting and enhance the look of your pool

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