Mini projectors

Discover the SEAMAID mini LED pool projector!

Add a splash of light with this mini pool spotlight and choose between white or coloured lighting to showcase your sun shelf, your steps, your spa or other specific areas of your pool. The SEAMAID mini projector is incredibly versatile.

For an even more high-tech lighting experience, choose the TAIYO mini projector from our SMARTLIGHTING range.

Equipped with smart technology, the TAIYO mini projector allows you to adjust light intensity, select a colour and choose lighting programmes straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy total control over your pool lighting, wherever you are!

  • Mini projector
    Mini projector

    Illuminate stairs or submerged beach in your pool. Compatible with all basins, it is easily installed

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  • Mini-projector - Taiyo
    Mini-projector - Taiyo

    Decide from the Seamaid mobile application of which color the mini-projector will illuminate your pool!

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