Discover the accessories designed by SEAMAID to maximise the efficiency of your outdoor lighting!

Choose our portable solar panel, the ideal solution for powering your garden lighting with solar energy.

Using advanced technology, it effectively captures the sun's energy and converts it into clean, renewable electricity. The panel is easy and quick to install. To start enjoying its benefits, all you need to do is place it in an area that receives direct sunlight. You can then use it to charge up your NO(T)MAD garden lighting or even your smartphone.

  • GELBOX insulating gel box
    GELBOX insulating gel box

    The GELBOX is a pre -filled gel box to isolate and ensure the waterproofing of all your electrical installations

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  • Portable solar panel
    Portable solar panel

    The portable solar panel will be able to load your NO(T)MAD or Telephone. 100% autonomous it accompanies you everywhere!

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