Installation & Renovation kits

  • Seamaid renovation kit
    Seamaid renovation kit

    Facilitate your pool work with the Seamaid renovation kit carried out in ASA. Compatible with all the niches PAR56.

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  • AQUAREVA renovation kit
    AQUAREVA renovation kit

    Use the AQUAREVA renovation kit for your PAR56 pool projector. Available in several colors

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  • GELBOX insulating gel box
    GELBOX insulating gel box

    The GELBOX is a pre -filled gel box to isolate and ensure the waterproofing of all your electrical installations

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  • DESJOYAUX adapter for LEDINPOOL projector
    DESJOYAUX adapter for LEDINPOOL projector

    Optimise your pool lighting with the ABS adapter specially designed for installing the LEDINPOOL spotlight in a DESJOYAUX filter unit.

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  • Concrete pool installation kit
    Concrete pool installation kit

    ABS Kit F2" to screw /f50 to be glued and F50 to be glued /m¾ ’to screw. For installation in concrete pool

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  • Extension F2
    Extension F2"/M2"

    ABS extension F2"/M2" to be screwed to the back of a vacuum fitting for the installation of a tubular projector.

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  • Cable connection kit
    Cable connection kit

    Special cable connection kit for the renovation of a PAR56 projector.

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